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Angara Diagonal Two Stone Diamond Wedding Band with Ridged-Edge 00p8aI
Angara Diagonal Two Stone Diamond Wedding Band with Ridged-Edge
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Crear una escala razón 3:5

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Dividir una circunferencia en cualquier número de partes iguales. Por ejemplo en 7 partes iguales. Si unimos las divisiones de la circunferencia se forma un heptágono regular: póligono regular de 7 lados. Dividiremos una circunferencia de radio 50 mm en 7 partes iguales. Pasos del dibujo: 1. Dibuj

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Your Homebased Mom

Leigh Anne Wilkes

By Leigh Anne 25 Comments

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This Crock Pot Salsa Chicken is one of the most popular recipes on my blog – it’s a good one!

Crock Pot Salsa Chicken

***If you love EASY and DELICIOUS meals that you can make for your family in your slow cooker, please join me over on Instgram whereI share ALL slow cooker recipes! Hope to see you there! Find me on Instagram at @slowcookerrecipelove ***

Today I’ve got another Recipe Redo for you. A recipe that is buried deep in the archives of the blog. It is also one that had no pictures with it – just a recipe. It was actually the third recipe I ever shared on this blog!

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Salsa Chicken is one of those easy, easy dinners. It is what I like to call a “dump” recipe. You just dump everything in the pan or in this case the crock pot and let it cook. Doesn’t get much easier. I made it this week on a day I knew I wasn’t going to have much time for dinner. Jim was having eye surgery (cataract removal and all went well) so I knew I would be gone with him and then I had class that evening so I needed something quick and easy! Salsa Chicken was the answer.

For this recipe I used a jar of salsa. I used what I had on my pantry shelf which was Pace Picante . The jar has gone out with the recyling but I believe it was the 15 ounce size jar, about 2 cups of salsa. I also added a can of corn and black beans along with a half cup of chopped cilantro and one teaspoon of Ileana Makri Thread Band diamond ring Unavailable j7qYR

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The MonetDB/SQL tutorial is based on the material published in the book J.R. Bruijn, F.S. Gaastra and I. Schaar, Dutch-Asiatic Shipping in the 17th and 18th Centuries , which gives an account of the trips made to the East and ships returned safely (or wrecked on the way). A total of 8000 records are provided. They include information about ship name and type, captain, the arrival/departure of harbors along the route, personnel accounts, and anecdotal information.

Get going quickly on Linux involves starting the MonetDB daemon monetdbd , code name meriovingian. It runs in the background and facilitates, amongst others, management of local/remote servers. The daemon is controlled by the application monetdb . See its documentation for all details. The is not available on Windows, but these systems a default database called is made ready by default (Windows tutorial is available ).
Here we demonstrate a simple session involving creation of a database, loading data, and querying.

The command \q or end-of-file <Ctrl-d> signal terminates the connection with the server. Exploring the wealth of functionality offered by MonetDB/SQL is best started using a toy database. For this we use the VOC database which provides a peephole view into the administrative system of an early multi-national company, the Vereenigde geoctrooieerde Oostindische Compagnie (VOC for short - The (Dutch) East Indian Company) established on March 20, 1602. Download the VOC dataset (542K) gz (519K) bz2 (371K) which is a compressed file with SQL statements. After the file has been extracted, load its contents into MonetDB using mclient. Before you load the VOC data set, it is advised to introduce a user different from the omnipresent default monetdb. The new user is given his own schema for the MonetDB database. Assuming you have started MonetDB with SQL module, proceed as follows:

To illustrate the use of the newly created account and schema, the following example connects and creates a table, which is dropped afterwards by aborting the transaction.

Importing the voc_dump.sql file into the database can be done using the textual client interface. Some alternative ways are as follows:

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